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"Instagram Is Shaping Up To Be The World's Most Powerful Selling Tool"

[Source: Forbes]

Instagram usage has

DOUBLED in the

last 2 years.



68 percent of Instagram

users are female with

an income of $75,000

[Source LC Think Tank & Olapic]

“How this Company

Earns Millions

using Instagram”

[Source CNN Money]

Frank Body launched in 2013 with a product costing $3,000 and recouped in 1 week.

They made over $20,000,000 their first year.

Their secret?   

What if you each time you posted on social media a stream of new leads and new sales would come in?


You can with...

Now, wait just a minute, I can already feel you rolling your eyes.


You've dried up your warm market and aren't having success using Facebook to attract from a cold market.


You're putting in a ton of time and a lot of effort posting valuable content on social media but not getting any results.


You're still working in your soul-less 9-5 job, and thinking about it almost brings you to tears but you don't know HOW to get out.


You are so excited about your business. You know that it's what "you're mean't to do", but you just aren't sure how to get there.


You are sick of your soul sucking job!  You've got the side hustle and you just need clients! 


Ok, so if you raised your hand to any of these.  I've got great news for you!






Instagram is easy. So easy an 8 year old could do it.

It's one of the hottest social media platforms right now - - so if you're going to use it for business you need to know the exact strategies, otherwise it will be a shot in the dark.

There are a few generic classes about Instagram teaching:


1. How to take better photos

2. How to get more followers

I want to teach you a proven strategy that will compress your timeline and put $$ in your bank account. matter what type of business you are in (it's worked so well that this is the last time I'm offering this course as my business has BLOWN up because of the strategies - and I'll teach them ALL to you.

How much longer are you willing to allow yourself to stay where you are right now?


An effective start to finish system.

For using Instagram to go from hobby to sales machine.

This is an exclusive invitation to change the trajectory of your business.


Join me in an intimate experience for this new program.


Where do you want to be in your business in 2017?  It's right around the corner.


Do you have the clients?

Do you have the business?

Do you have a proven and automated system?



When my business partners and I started out makeup brand we struggled getting leads.  The first year in business we tried everything.  Selling at events, in salons, in a mall kiosk. 


11 months after we started, we decided we wanted to take our brand nationwide.  The only way to do that was to harness the power of social media.


It worked like a charm!  Today, over 1500 Independent Consultants sell the products nationwide - thanks to the power of social media!



You might be where I was exactly 1 year ago.


I knew I wanted to leverage Instagram but I did not know the HOW.


What worked in the past was no longer working.


I tried facebook, linkedin, pinterest and finally decided to start playing around on Instagram.


After many failed attempts, I finally figured out a super simple system of attracting future client leads to my list and at the 60 day mark (actually less than 60 days) I started seeing the sales roll in!


My secret?



Everything comes from Instagram.


I created a super simply sales system for client leads signing up with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Even when I snuck away to the Virgin Islands with my family, or to Iceland for 10 days with my Fiance, or this past week when I disappeared to a mansion in the hills of San Diego (where I didn't log in once - only to find a flood of new leads), I always come back to new leads, new interest, new requests, more publicity, you name it.


Instagram is a star, not only in my book, but for MANY:


Brands - Coaches - Entrepreneurs.


Basically if you have something to sell, there is an easy way to bring in the clients you need to get out of the starvation mode and into REAL GROWTH and REAL MOMENTUM.

What you can expect:

  • A LIVE 10 week course.
  • Week 1 we dive right in, then there is a 1 week implementation week to get your systems in place.  You will have a second implementation week in your 7th week.
  • You will receive a certification upon completing.
  • I will hold office hours weekly - for ANY support you need directly from me.
  • We have a secret Facebook group for the group for support.
  • You will spend (on average) about 1 hour per week outside of the learning (this is where you implement).


You will NOT be spending money on Facebook or Instagram ads.


You will have a completely automated Instagram Funnel when you complete this course.


How good would that feel?


I know, for me, and most of you that I have talked to, this is a huge burden and there is a TON of emotion around it.


The not knowing what to do or how to do it, but the knowing that it needs to be done.


Ready to ball those feelings up and throw them out the window?


Well get ready, because you will have everything put together and there is NOTHING that feels better than seeing those sales emails roll in, one by one by one.


Or hearing the DING on your phone every time a sale comes in.




What I can expect from you!


Yes there are expectations on my end.


I know that only 4-6% of people complete online courses?


What the CRAP?




So I thought back and one of the things that I really needed was accountability.  I craved it, but every course I joined I did not have any.


It was like I signed up and that was it.


Things are going to be different around here!  


Over the past year I have helped HUNDREDS of Entrepreneurs use Instagram to turn into a lead gen machine, I am POSITIVE I can help you too.

When I share my story of using social media to grow multiple business, I often hear.

"Yeah these strategies worked for you, but they would never work for me because of ..."

To which I reply, it'll work for everyone who applies the simple techniques!

What is really cool, is the mix of businesses that my students have. 

The strategies will work for Coaches, Bloggers, those who sell digital or physical products, store owners, those who sell services....and more!  

Take Rachel for example.

Rachel was working in her Corporate job when I met her earlier this year.  She has now grown a 6 figure online business and just said her goal for next year is a multi 7 figure business!

Take Katerina's story...

Katerina owns an Etsy store, and she was able to close it down.  She took my first Instagram course earlier this year and since then her business has blown up.

She says "You changed my life.  I was getting ready to close up shop, but decided to take your course on a whim.  I applied everything I learned and I started generating sales right away from Instagram!  Etsy of Greece contacted me and asked me to do a presentation for all the Greek Etsy sellers on how to use Instagram to grow their business!"

There is no need to try to figure everything out on your own.

I want to teach you a proven strategy that will compress your matter what kind of business you are in.

You can have all the proven strategies, along with the accountability of the group and personal support of me!

You deserve to have dream clients signing up with you 24 hours a day.  I'm offering you a proven system that will teach you how to not only attract them, but to close them!


Can't wait to see you in the program!

Where do you want to be in
your business in June?

Start planning your vacation NOW.

Take Jessica.  8 weeks ago she says she was hopeless!  Today, she has sold 15 spots into her new program and the cart isn't closed yet!


(are you ready for the flood of traffic to your door?)